Point Taken



Most of us knows someone who is struggling with drug or possibly alcohol abuse. This behavior takes a toll on both the person and their family. Many times our frustration with them leads to the abandonment of the person.  We grow tired of helping and eventually give up.  Well you don’t have to give up, just give in.  Rely on the power of prayer to bring about deliverance in that person’s life.  Begin to speak this prayer and word over the person’s life and trust God to deliver them. Fill in the blank with the person’s name.  This journey of prayer and faith is not just for them, but for you also.

Father, I come boldly before Your throne of grace in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, asking for Your help in delivering _________ from his drug addiction (or substance abuse). You instructed us to “speak those things that be not as though they were.” So Father, I speak Your Word over __________‘s life, that he/she is a man/woman of God who is saved, set free, and delivered from drugs, and loves You with all of his/her heart, soul, strength and might.
I pray that You would give him/her the strength to resist drugs. Lord, I know that he/she cannot resist drugs by himself/herself, so on his/her behalf, I seek Your face and ask that You would empower him/her with Your strength. May You strengthen his/her mind, his/her heart, and his/her will to resist the craving, desire and need for these drugs. Your Word tells us that they that call upon the name of the Lord (for Your help and deliverance) shall be saved. So Father, I intercede for __________; and I call on Your name — the mighty name of Jesus Christ on his behalf, to save, first of all his/her soul, and then save him/her from this drug habit and addiction.
Father, by my faith, confidence, and trust in Your Word, I confess that greater is Jesus Christ who is able to deliver _________ from drugs, and give him/her the power to resist them, than the enemy in this world who tempts him to use drugs. I speak Your Word, that _______ is more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ. And even as our Lord, Jesus Christ overcame the world, I thank You Father for giving __________ the power, strength and will to overcome this problem and addiction.
Father, by the authority of the name of Jesus Christ, I command the need for drugs in his/her life, to go! I command the craving for drugs, to cease! And, according to the Word of the Living God, I command the desire and want for drugs to be removed from his/her life, and be cast into the sea! By the authority of the name of Jesus Christ, I also speak to the spirit that is in __________‘s life — the spirit that is motivating and driving him to use drugs; and I command you to loose your stronghold from __________‘s life! Satan, I break your yoke of bondage that has enslaved him to drugs; and from this day forth, I render you helpless, powerless, inoperative, and ineffective to draw, control, or manipulate him to drugs in any way, by the power and authority of Jesus Christ.

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